Technological innovation for risk communication

Civil Protection Plans and alert services on Internet mobile and webGIS

Digital innovation to effectively communicate Civil Protection to citizens

Several functions in a single technological platform

Civil Protection Plan

Risk areas, risk scenarios, Civil Protection resources made available for interactive consultation

Warning services

To inform citizens on critical states forecasted by Civil Protection National Department or by Functional centres network


To allow Municipalities to activate a direct communication channel with citizens

Good practices

Self-protections measures, to inform on how to behave during alert or emergency phases


Dedicated contents and direct communication channel to selectively interact with Operators or accredited Groups of Users


WhatsApp, mail, social network, sms and “Family Plan” function to facilitate the dissemination process

What is LibraRisk intended for?

“What areas of the territory are exposed to risks? What risk scenarios can occur? How to behave in order to reduce our exposition to dangers? Forecasting centres report alert or emergency conditions? How does the local Civil Protection operates?”

Inform your citizens with LibraRisk!

LibraRisk© is a technological platform for innovative risk communication on Internet mobile and webGIS, allowing:

  • Public Bodies to make their Civil Protection Plans available for citizens, on smartphone, tablet or webGIS, and activate alert services via push notification
  • Citizens to interactively consult the Plans on both iOS and Android devices or webGIS interface, receive warnings and spread them through WhatsApp, mail, social network (Facebook e Twitter) and sms (with Family Plan functions)

Our advantages

Constant update

LibraRisk team maintains the platform and prevents technological obsolescence

Low costs

LibraRisk technology is fully operational. It’s activation does not require any investment cost

Accessibility and usability

The activation and use of LibraRisk services do not require any IT skills

Cross-platform solution

App for iOS and Android, webGIS client and a webCMS for real time contents creation and update

Moreover… the webGIS function!

In addition to smartphones and tablets LibraRisk functionalities can be experienced also on webGIS interface. This way, citizens can consult Civil Protection Plans contents and the werning centre also from the Personal Computer

Participant Municipalities

Non è stato possibile trovare nessun comune aderente
Località non trovata
  • - Controllare che i nomi di via e città siano scritti correttamente.
  • - Controllare che l'indirizzo contenga città e stato.
  • - Inserire il CAP.

Our team

A multi-disciplinary working group, with the whole set of skills the project needs

Stefano Oliveri

Emergency Planning, Internet mobile technologies

Paolo Seminati

Emergency Planning and Geographical Information Systems

Luca Garibaldo

New digital technologies and communication

Laura Di Camillo

Administration and managing relationships with Public Bodies

Luigi Lupo

Business management


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